Police officers at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid on Friday. / PABLO COBOS

Envelope with animal eyes intercepted at the Ukrainian consulate in Malaga

Police have ruled out the presence of explosive substances


The National Police have intercepted a new shipment of envelopes with animal eyes to Ukrainian diplomatic offices in Spain.

Letters were sent to the consulate in Malaga and Barcelona as well as the Ukrainian embassy, police sources said.

The three suspicious envelopes were detected on Monday and intercepted by the post office security systems. The police have ruled out the presence of explosive substances, verifying that they contained animal eyes.

Last week envelopes with animal eyes were intercepted at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid and other Ukrainian diplomatic offices.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Oleg Nikolenko, confirmed the seizure of the envelopes, and said his country's diplomatic offices had received 21 threatening letters in 12 countries.

"We will continue to work effectively to protect Ukraine from the enemy," Nikolenko said.