Employment rises in February breaking Malaga and the Costa del Sol's traditional unemployment spike in winter earlier than usual
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Employment rises in February breaking Malaga and the Costa del Sol's traditional unemployment spike in winter earlier than usual

The second month of the year saw almost 1,000 fewer unemployed in the province than in January and an increase of more than 4,000 workers registered in the Social Security system

Nuria Triguero


Monday, 4 March 2024, 17:08


Malaga province recorded 923 fewer unemployed people in February and 4,253 more new workers registered in the Social Security system last month than in January, new figures show.

The data means the province - which includes the Costa del Sol holiday hotspot - has managed to break its traditional winter increase in unemployment earlier than usual. Data in March will confirm whether February's positive results can be considered as an early start to the high season for employment, or if it was just a once-off occasion.

The drop in unemployment in February means Malaga province has once again fallen below the 135,000 unemployed. It closed the month with 134,243 people registered as unemployed with the Andalusian Employment Service.

The decrease was fuelled by the services sector, where unemployment dropped by 1,317 people. Other sectors experienced slight variations up or down: agriculture added 57 unemployed people, while industry and construction lost 55 and 47 workers.

In Andalucía, unemployment dropped the most in Huelva (-1,156), Seville (-1,120) and Cadiz (-970). More modest decreases were recorded in Almería (-517) and Córdoba (-120). The only provinces with increases in unemployment were Jaén (+611) and Granada (+85). Malaga recorded 684,115 registered workers at the end of February. It is the second Andalusian province that created the most jobs in the last month: 4,253.

Almost 22,000 jobs in one year

Annually, Malaga added 21,778 new workers between February 2023 and February 2024. The growth in employment is equivalent to 3.29%, above the Andalusian (+1.89%) and Spanish (+2.67%) averages. Malaga accounted for a third of all jobs created in Andalucía in the past year and is close to doubling the number of jobs generated by the second most dynamic province, Seville.

Unemployment fell by 7,102 people in Malaga in the past year, with Cadiz reducing its unemployment figure the most in Andalucía, the figures show.

Unemployment in Spain

The number of unemployed registered with the public employment services at the end of February fell by 7,452 across the country compared with the previous month. According to statistics, unemployment fell by 0.27%, affecting 2,760,408 people in Spain. Compared with February 2023, inter-annual unemployment fell by 150,607 people (-5.17%).

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