Crime in the province has dropped by nearly 20 per cent in ten years. / sur

The crime rate in general has dropped in the past two years in Malaga province

There were fewer burglaries, car thefts and robberies with violence and intimidation, but an increase in offences of a sexual nature and attempted murders


A report into crime in Malaga in 2021 shows that in general the crime rate has been going down, although the incidence of offences of a sexual nature was higher than in 2019. Figures published by the Ministry of the Interior on Monday show that there were 49 sexual assaults with penetration compared with 42 two years earlier, which is an increase of 16.67 per cent.

In general, there were 5.15 per cent fewer crimes recorded than in the year prior to the pandemic, as the figure fell from 80,174 to 76,049. The biggest decrease was in burglaries, as there were 24.58 per cent fewer than in 2019. There were also fewer thefts, vehicle thefts and robberies with violence and intimidation.

In addition to sexual offences, crimes which went up in those two years were related to the life, integrity and freedom of persons, as in 2021 the figures rose by 6.14 per cent to a total of 2,143. Within this category, there was a considerable increase in intentional homicides and attempted murder, from 24 cases to 48, and there were also two more kidnappings - 13 last year compared to 11 in 2019 - which was an increase of 18.18 per cent. It is notable that the number of intentional homicides that were actually carried out in these two years dropped by 40 per cent and there were 15 cases last year. .

The report into crime also shows an increase in offences related to drug trafficking in Malaga province during these two years, from 1,005 in 2019 to 1,078 two years later, a rise of 7.26 per cent.

The government’s representative in Malaga, Javier Salas, said the latest figures from the Ministry of the Interior are encouraging as the incidence of crime in the province has dropped in recent years, and he pointed out that it has reduced by nearly 20 per cent in the past decade. He stressed that Malaga is a safe province, and expressed his thanks to the security forces for their work to combat crime.