The Almuñécar town hall delegation at the award ceremony. SUR
Costa Tropical tourism board picks up award for destination diving brochure

Costa Tropical tourism board picks up award for destination diving brochure

Representatives from Almuñécar town hall travelled to Madrid for the Luxury Advertising Festival which is judged by well-known celebrities

Jennie Rhodes

Friday, 30 December 2022, 12:12


The Almuñécar-La Herradura Tourist Board in Granada province has received an award at this year's Luxury Advertising Festival for the underwater brochure designed by the tourist board for its "Destino Buceo" (Destination diving) campaign, which was recognised in the "Best Premium Packaging Creativity" category by the Luxury Awards organisation.

The award was presented to a delegation led by the mayor of Almuñécar, Juan José Ruiz Joya, who was accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Beaches, Daniel Barbero, and the director of tourism, Felipe Puertas, and which took place in the auditorium of the Teatro El Beatriz in Madrid last week.

The jury of the festival is chaired by the designers Victorio and Lucchino and Princess Beatrice D'Orleans.

Ruiz Joya thanked the organisers for the recognition for "one of the most powerful and emblematic attractions that we have, which is diving."

Celebrity presenters

The deputy mayor for tourism and beaches, Daniel Barbero said at that receiving the award "places us in a distinguished position among the exclusive, elegant and quality destinations on the Spanish coast, once again demonstrating the great work and effort of the entire Almuñécar-La Herradura tourist board team in recent years.

The event, hosted by the television star Elsa Anka, brought together a large group of celebrities and personalities, including television presenters, actors and actresses and fashion personalities.

The judges learned about the Costa Tropical and the promotional strategies that the Almuñécar La Herradura Tourist Board has been developing.

The area has long been popular for diving and snorkelling as it offers rare opportunities to see examples of the 'orange coral, which is unique and native to the towns' shores.

One of the initiatives is the planned 'Parque Azul de Vida submarina' underwater park, which is being developed to protect the seabed off the Costa Tropical and to extend the diving offer. The project consists of the creation of artificial reefs to generate marine life.




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