Casa Juan bar-restaurant in Marbella. J. Carlos Domínguez
Costa del Sol restaurants worried about possible water cuts in March
Drought crisis

Costa del Sol restaurants worried about possible water cuts in March

Businesses fear restrictions in an industry that relies on water for its services

María Albarral


Friday, 12 January 2024, 13:06


Owners of restaurants, bars and cafés on the Costa del Sol have expressed their concerns at the effect any possible water cuts might have on the hospitality industry. This comes after the authorities said that measures would be required if it doesn't rain enough to relieve the drought situation before March.

"The coffee machine runs on water, the dishwasher, cisterns, taps... everything we need to run our business", Ana Fernández, manager of Bar Bartolo in Marbella, told SUR, adding, that even though they have a water tank, they fear that if there are cuts "this will affect their business activity because they won't be able to cope with the amount of time the cut lasts" or that the tank "will not refill as it should".

In the same vein, Francisco Ortiz, owner of Laura Verónica coffee shop, has also expressed his concern about the electrical appliances needed in the business.

"The coffee machine is directly connected to the water mains in the same way as a washing machine or dishwasher in a house. In order to make coffee with bottled water, a new installation would be needed, as it isn't possible," he told this newspaper, while stressing "the problems that could arise in terms of cleaning, as the café is very busy and has to be constantly cleaned, as is the case with the toilets".

For her part, Yolanda Rendón, manager of Taberna Casablanca, expressed her fear that it would affect tourism. "We are businesses that live off the people who come and eat in our restaurants and we are worried that the drought could affect tourism," she said, pointing out that "cleaning is the area that worries us most".

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