Sunshine and warm temperatures are in store for Malaga. sur
What will the weather be like this Christmas week in Spain?

What will the weather be like this Christmas week in Spain?

The Aemet weather agency has issued its special forecast for the festive period across the country

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 21 December 2022, 18:08


The first weekend of the festive season is almost upon us, and many people are wondering about how the weather will affect their plans. The Aemet weather agency has the answer, and has just issued its special forecast for Christmas 2022 in Spain.

After several weeks of rain, it looks as though, in Malaga province at least, the sun will shine and temperatures will be higher than normal for this time of year, possibly reaching a high of 22C in some places and not dropping below 13C.

The likelihood of showers over the Christmas weekend is zero, and no strong winds are expected. In other words, everything is looking good for this part of the country over the next few days.

And what about the rest of Spain?

Aemet says an anticyclone north of Africa and south of the Peninsula will block the passage of Atlantic fronts so these will only affect the north-west of the country. That means that showers are possible in Galicia, with persistent rain in the western part of that region. “In the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, skies will be mainly clear with intervals of high cloud. Temperatures will not change significantly and it will be warmer than usual at Christmas,” the meteorologists say.

This is Aemet’s forecast, day by day:

Friday 23 to Sunday 25:

There could be heavy and persistent rain on the western coast of Galicia and much of the north-west and centre of the Peninsula over the weekend, with little change to temperatures. Winds will change from south-westerly to southerly, with strong gusts in Galicia, Cantabria, the Pyrenees and the Central System. In the Canary Islands the situation will remain stable until Sunday afternoon when an Atlantic front is likely to bring rain and a south-westerly wind to the western islands.

Monday 26 to Wednesday 28:

During these days the weather situation will become much more uncertain. It is possible that a high-level isolated depression will bring rain, mainly to the Canary Islands, and it will be locally heavy and/or persistent.

On the mainland, rain will affect the northwest of the country again on Monday, possibly spreading to the north-east and north. The same areas may be affected by rain again on Tuesday but the situation for Wednesday is not yet clear.

In the Balearic Islands, the weather should remain stable, but it is likely that temperatures in general will drop.

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