Passengers at Malaga's María Zambrano train station. / ÑITO SALAS

Half of AVE high-speed trains from Madrid to Malaga for Christmas Eve are already full

The cheapest seats for travel on 23 December are also sold out on almost all the remaining trains available


There is still a month to go and the many Malaga residents in Madrid who want to return home for Christmas are facing transportation problems. On Renfe's high-speed AVE trains, which are the preferred option for many of them, there are few remaining seats for 23 December, which, being a Friday, is the date when most want to travel.

Demand is so high that five of the 11 AVE trains scheduled for that day are already full. On those that still have seats available, the cheapest seats are sold out, with prices now between 84.80 and 146.60 euros.

A spokesman for train operator Renfe said that several extra services are planned, which will be announced in the coming days.

On Christmas Eve, there is greater availability with eight trains available at the time of writing and with prices from 68 euros.

The situation for travellers to Malaga is not replicated in the rest of the Spanish coastal cities. For example, on 23 December, between Madrid and Valencia, there are 14 AVE or Avlo (Renfe's low cost service) trains running, all with availability and with prices starting from 19 euros.