Children's Christmas present appeal

Children's Christmas present appeal

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The Food Fairies collect gifts for underprivileged children on the Costa del Sol

Friday, 9 December 2022, 13:26


The Food Fairies (Hadas Caradas) has launched its festive charity initiative to ensure underprivileged children and those in need can enjoy Christmas this year.

The charity is appealing for people to buy a present for a child, wrap it, and label it with the gender and age group. The presents can be delivered to any of the drop off points along the coast. For details, see the charity's Facebook page.

A spokesperson said, "We have had a further 264 referrals, all children aged under 12 years of age. Everyone is feeling the pinch this year, but if you are able, please help put a smile on a child's face this Christmas."

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