Provincial authority helps finance installation of cash machines in Malaga villages without banks

Provincial authority helps finance installation of cash machines in Malaga villages without banks


The Diputación has already allocated 68,000 euros to five municipalities and is studying the requests of another four

Antonio M. Romero


Tuesday, 14 March 2023, 17:04

Benalauría, Canillas de Albaida, Cútar, Jimera de Líbar and Serrato are small municipalities in the interior of Malaga province that do not have banks or automatic cash machines (ATMs). Until now. Because these localities are five of those that will benefit from funds granted by the provincial authority, the Diputación de Málaga, for the installation of ATMs to meet the financial needs of their residents and visitors. Applications are also being processed for Algatocín, Arenas, Júzcar and Macharaviaya.

The authority has already approved aid worth 68,000 euros so that the five town halls can carry out the necessary work in council-owned buildings for the installation of ATMs but it is the town halls themselves that negotiate with a bank for the placement of the machines.

This action is part of the set of initiatives launched by the Diputación to combat depopulation in rural areas and its objective is to improve road communications and connectivity in inland municipalities, as well as ensure that they have basic services and equipment, said the authority.

“It is about facilitating the living conditions of the residents of the smallest villages and towns, in this case alleviating the serious problem that there is in are towns that do not have bank offices or an ATM, having to travel several kilometres just to be able get cash," said the president of the authority, Francisco Salado.

Salado stressed that the Diputación continues to work on plans to ensure that the even smallest municipalities have a modern water supply infrastructure, socio-cultural spaces, sports and leisure facilities, and green and recreational areas. "But it is also essential to improve health care and educational centres and offer alternative services to alleviate the lack of bank offices," he said, while stressing that the installation of ATMs in towns that do not have bank offices is something that not only benefits the local population, especially the elderly, but is also positive for tourism.



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