Car sales show signs of recovery in Malaga province

Car sales show signs of recovery in Malaga province


In February, sales were up 12 per cent with 1,850 vehicles were registered, including 192 electric vehicles

Matías Stuber


Friday, 3 March 2023, 18:23


This February marks, for the first time since the beginning of 2020, an upward trend for car sales in Malaga province. The welcome news comes after the impact of the pandemic, followed by a long-running microchip supply chain problem.

According to data published by the employers' association Faconauto, the registration of new cars in the province increased by some 12 per cent, from 1,650 to 1,850. The data reveals that an average of 66 cars per day were registered in the province in February. However, the figures are still a long way from the sales rate that existed before the pandemic.

At the Andalucía regional level, Malaga is the province with the highest number of cars sold in the last month ahead of Seville (1,504) and Cadiz (1,163). The province with the fewest cars sold is Jaén, with 336 registrations.

The data provided by Faconauto also confirms the decline in diesel vehicles. Of the 1,850 February sales, only 161 are diesel cars, which equates to a 17 per cent drop compared to February 2022.

The data also shows that the sale of electric cars is increasing, but not taking off at the same speed as in other European countries. There were 192 electric cars sold in February.

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