Demonstrators wearing yellow reflective jackets cut off the entrances to Mercamálaga. Photo: Ñito Salas / Video: SUR

Bonfire barricade cuts off road access to major wholesale market on outskirts of Malaga

Some 50 protesters gathered in the vicinity of Mercamálaga and managed to block off five entrances until National Police riot units and the fire brigade arrived

Ignacio Lillo / Chus Heredia


Monday, 12 February 2024, 12:03

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Disgruntled hauliers staged their own protest on the outskirts of Malaga city on Sunday night (11 February) with a fiery display outside a huge wholesale market, one of the largest in Andlaucía.

Some 50 cars - some high-end model - had initially parked up on the Trévenez industrial estate near the Centro de Transportes de Mercancías (CTM) goods transport depot, at the junction of the roundabout on the Guadalhorce valley dual carriageway and the A-7054 about 10pm. Then, an hour later came the order to move to the Mercamálaga wholesale market and distribution depot, where protesters lit a bonfire at one the entrances using a large tractor tyre and firewood. Two access lanes were cut off.

Two National Police riot units arrived, which caused demonstrators to disperse. Firefighters were then called in to extinguish the blaze. As protesters were leaving, they allegedly burnt a storage container in the adjoining industrial estate in Calle Escritora Carmen Martín Gaite.

Yesterday's haulier protest was not officially called, unlike those of the farmers led by COAG, UPA and different farming cooperatives, which called a press conference in Malaga this Monday morning. They are due to speak about a road map addressing anger in the farming sector over environmental demands, low prices from distributors and supermarkets, and unfair competition from third party countries such as Morocco.

The first demonstrations started last week after some 200 tractors blocked off the entrance to the Port of Malaga on Tuesday 6 February. Farmers from different municipalities in the Guadalhorce valley gathered in Avenida Antonio Machado to block the entry of goods into the Port of Malaga, forcing partial closures of the normally busy road in both directions.

At the weekend, on Saturday lorries and tractors blocked the logistics centres in Antequera and the large distribution hubs of Mercadona and Amazon were affected. There were also significant problems on the A-7 in the area around the El Ingenio shopping centre in Vélez Málaga. In both the Antequera and Axarquá incidents, the intervention of the National Police ended up being decisive. In the first case, police prevented the protesters from approaching the distribution platforms and, in the second, they reopened traffic on the road after a demand for documentation from the protesters, among whom were representatives of Vox.

Other minor problems were reported due to protests on the A-357 in Teba, Ardales and Campillos and on the A-367 into Ronda, and around its urban area .

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