The new waste facility in Benalmádena. / SUR

New 24-hour waste facility for potentially dangerous household products opened in Benalmádena

The mobile container has been sited in Calle Alborea in Arroyo de la Miel (close to the feria ground) and will operate seven days a week

Tony Bryant

A new environmental waste management facility has been installed in Benalmádena where residents can dispose of potentially dangerous household products.

The facility has been installed in Calle Alborea in Arroyo de la Miel (close to the feria ground) and will operate a 24-hour service seven days a week. Signs will indicate which type of waste can be deposited in the mobile containers, which will include items such as ink toners, car batteries, light bulbs, mobile phones, engine oil, paint and solvents, among other things.

The company responsible for the management of the site, Urbaser, pointed out that common hazardous waste and “hard to dispose of” items require specialised handling and disposal methods.

For now, the containers will be collected once a week, although the town hall said that the frequency of the collection will depend on the “collaboration of the public”.

The council stressed that furniture and garden waste will not be accepted at the facility.

The head of Urbaser in Benalmádena, Jorge Lomana, pointed out that the facility is the “first step” towards future installations of a larger permanent disposal sites.

“It is possible that we will install more units in other parts of the municipality once we assess the collaboration of the residents regarding this type of selective disposal,” he said.