The old Marymar residential home in Benalmádena Costa is in a state of deterioration. SUR.
Troubled former residential care building in Benalmádena finally sold despite demolition threat

Troubled former residential care building in Benalmádena finally sold despite demolition threat

The development group, with which the previous governing council agreed to develop the Marymar site into a commercial and leisure complex, is currently studying their options

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Friday, 5 January 2024, 10:36

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The troubled Marymar building in Benalmádena, a former Unicaja social nursing home that has been empty for more than a decade, has finally been purchased after years of uncertainty. As SUR has been able to confirm, the sale of the site, located on the beachfront, was signed last week by the Sevillian company, Jardín de las Cigarreras, the development group with which the previous governing council agreed to develop the site into a commercial and leisure complex. The project included the Marymar Plaza shopping centre and parking area, which did not go ahead due to legal problems posed by its construction.

The sale of the property, until now, in the hands of the Unicaja Foundation, was signed last Friday. Although the price has not been revealed, sources consulted by SUR have confirmed that it was on the market for around five million euros.

Despite the condition of the building, and that it is still pending a threat of demolition that has not yet been resolved in the courts, the site has attracted much interest in recent years from several investors due to its privileged location.

In response to questions from SUR, the new owner’s administrator, Miguel Ángel Melgar, explained that they have not yet decided on the plans for the building, since it is still not clear if it will be able to remain standing, or will have to be totally or partially demolished.

“We will begin holding meetings with the town hall next week to analyse in depth the options we have. Our idea is to carry out a project that adds value to this space,” Melgar said.

He also explained that it could once again be used as a residence for the elderly if it does not have to be demolished. He went on to say that the company hopes to be able to announce the plans for the building, which is in a notable state of deterioration, by March.

Jardín de las Cigarreras, a company that is currently working on a large-scale leisure and recreation project in the port of Seville, has already obtained a concession from Benalmádena town hall to build a new parking area with space for 200 vehicles under the old N-340 motorway.

Initial proposition

The original project, which could still go ahead, contemplated the demolition of the residence to build a shopping centre in its place. The eight-story Marymar residence currently occupies 7,513 square metres of land. The project the Sevillian company presented to the former council of Víctor Navas in 2019 included a shopping centre with restaurants and a beach club that would occupy 2,813 square metres, thus freeing up 4,700 metres of space that would be gained by the beach and the promenade.

The plans also included a 210-space basement parking area, for which the council signed a general concession in 2021. That concession is currently still valid, according to sources close to the project.

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