Marcos Antonio López Zaragoza and Margarita del Cid unveil the plaque. SUR
Torremolinos pays tribute to its last miller

Torremolinos pays tribute to its last miller

Francisco Zaragoza García worked at the Molino de Inca and played an important part of the history of a town that even derived its name from the industry

Tony Bryant


Monday, 27 March 2023


Torremolinos has paid tribute to miller Francisco Zaragoza García, known as El Ventanero, with the installation of a bronze plaque in the museum in the Molino de Inca Botanical Gardens. Zaragoza, who met King Alfonso XIII when he visited the mill in 1926, was the last miller to work in the old mill, which was located in the grounds of the garden.

The inauguration of the plaque was attended by the town’s mayor, Margarita del Cid, who said: “Today we recognise a specific person, while also praising the history of our municipality, which is closely linked to water through the mills. Francisco Zaragoza García was the last part of the history of a town that based its activity on its mills, which even gives our town its name, and this must not be forgotten.”

Among the numerous descendants and relatives of Zaragoza who attended the event was local author Marcos Antonio López Zaragoza, the miller’s great-grandson.

“I have no words to thank what he has done for my family. My great-grandfather was honest worker from El Bajondillo, and was the last to work in this mill where we are today. This is the true heritage of this town and those who have fought all their lives with sacrifice to make Torremolinos great,” the Benalmádena-based writer said.




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