Francisco Cerdán announces the campaign. / SUR

Torremolinos launches 'do not leave a mark' campaign to highlight obligations of pet owners

Local Police in the town have issued 215 fines in the last six months for a breach of the requirement to dispose of excrement correctly and for not diluting the urine of pets. Fines can range between 75 and 500 euros

Tony Bryant

In order to keep the municipality clean and more appealing to visitors, Torremolinos town hall has launched a campaign to raise awareness among residents about the duty to dilute the urine and dispose of the excrement of their pets in public spaces.

Under the slogan 'Do not leave a mark', the awareness campaign will be supported by an explanatory video that highlights the health and hygiene hazards, and the fact that dog urine is corrosive and damages urban furniture, buildings and vehicles. The council will also distribute 1,500 informative pamphlets, and 1,500 bottles that can be filled with a mixture of soapy water and vinegar for diluting the urine of pets.

The initiative was announced by the councillor for the Environment, Public Health and Citizen Security, Francisco Cerdán, who said that the campaign was necessary due to the rise in cases of people being prosecuted for breaching the municipal ordinance for the Protection and Possession of Animals.

The Local Police in Torremolinos have issued 245 fines in the last six months, a figure which, the councillor pointed out, “represents a huge increase” compared to the last four years, where a total of 129 fines were issued.

Of the 245 fines, 215 were for breach of the obligation to correctly dispose excrement and for not diluting the urine. Other fines were issued for non-compliance with the basic rules of dog ownership in public areas.

The council reminded pet owners that fines range between 75 and 500 euros for non-compliance with the sanctions.

“We are also going to promote another campaign aimed at school children to raise awareness and inform them about how to proceed with the collection of excrement and how to use the liquid to clean the urine,” councillor Cerdán explained.