Several people prepare the grave for a deceased man who was found in the rubble. E.P.
Torremolinos joins forces with local Moroccan community to offer help to earthquake victims
Morocco earthquake disaster

Torremolinos joins forces with local Moroccan community to offer help to earthquake victims

The town’s mayor, Margarita del Cid, chaired a meeting with the Moroccan consul for Malaga, Driss Soussi, to discuss ways of helping those in the devastated North African country

Tony Bryant/Lorena Cádiz

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 12:42


The Mayor of Torremolinos, Margarita del Cid, and the consul of Morocco for Malaga, Driss Soussi, chaired a meeting on Monday with local Moroccan associations and residents to discuss ways of helping those who have been affected by the earthquake that devasted the North African country on Saturday 9 September.

During the meeting, which was attended by all political groups, the mayor stressed that the town hall would do all that it can to coordinate any humanitarian actions that the Moroccan government deemed necessary. Del Cid spoke of the “excellent relationship” the town has with the local Moroccan community, and of the “desire and spirit to offer any help that is requested”.

Priority to save lives

Soussi thanked the mayor and her council for its offer of help, although he pointed out that for the moment, “the priority is saving lives”. The consul added that it will be the Moroccan government that “will say what help is necessary and if help is needed from other countries”.

The Torremolinos meeting was attended by all political groups and members of the local Moroccan community. SUR

Support was also offered by the Moroccan community. Local business owner Amal Kainou Jim, who has lived in the Costa del Sol town for many years, has offered to buy 3,000 tents to send to Morocco to help families affected by the earthquake, which has so far claimed more than 2,500 lives.

“I have an event organisation company and we are going to finance the cost of the tents one hundred per cent. What has happened has united us more than ever. I have never seen such solidarity as what the Moroccan people are showing at the moment,” Amal explained.

Miloud El Barhmi, president of the Moroccan Muslim Community Al-Houda, who was also at the meeting, agreed with Amal. “I feel sad, we are experiencing something very painful, although thank God we live in this municipality,” he said.

“We are all here, regardless of our beliefs, our colour, origin or political beliefs. There are Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics and more, and we are all here to stand with the victims, wishing that those affected recover,” Malik Amrani, president of the La Paz Muslim association, added

More than 1,600 Moroccan nationals reside in Torremolinos, which represents 12.45 percent of the local foreign community.


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