Tourists on the Cuesta del Tajo in Torremolinos. SUR
Torremolinos injects one million euros in bid to help boost local commerce

Torremolinos injects one million euros in bid to help boost local commerce

The town hall plan is to provide more shopper-friendly and accessible streets along with training in languages and digital skills for businesses

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 16 August 2023, 16:32


Torremolinos twon council has announced a project with funding of more than one million euros to provide more friendly and accessible streets and training in languages and digital skills for shopkeepers.

The plan, entitled 'Boosting digitalisation and competitiveness for small businesses in tourist areas of the town', also includes investments to improve the promotion of local commerce online said the mayor, Margarita del Cid.

With this 1,050,000 euro grant from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism's Recovery Plan the idea is to improve the accessibility of the town’s Cuesta del Tajo and sun sails will be installed on La Carihuela promenade to create shaded areas. Also proposed is the creation of shaded areas in the commercial area. More waste collection points will be located in the tourist areas and the number of recycling bins will be increased too, under the plan.

Shopkeepers will be offered online language courses, as well as digital skills courses focused on commerce. "This is a commitment that involves renewing the commercial activity of Torremolinos in a radical way, emphasising both aesthetic improvement and those aspects that allow this sector to be much more competitive," Del Cid said.

In the shopping areas, data will be compiled in relation to the opening hours and areas where there is a greater influx of customers, as well as the profile of those customers. This information will provide shopkeepers with a wider range of possibilities for organising their day-to-day activities Del Cid said.

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