Andrés Moreno and Ramón Alcaide announce the competition. SUR
Torremolinos hosts annual pet competition in lead up to San Miguel fair

Torremolinos hosts annual pet competition in lead up to San Miguel fair

The Concurso de Mascotas will take place on Wednesday and participants can enter with any type of pet, which can include cats, dogs, fish, birds or reptiles

Tony Bryant

Tony Bryant


Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 09:48


As part of the town’s agenda of events in the lead up to the San Miguel fair, Torremolinos will host the Concurso de Mascotas on Wednesday 20 September, the popular pet show and exhibition now in its 19th year.

The event, which will take place in Plaza La Nogalera from 6pm, was announced by the councillor for Sport, Ramón Alcaide, and the trainer from the canine unit of the Local Police, Andrés Moreno.

Participants have the opportunity to enter the many different categories with any type of pet , which can include cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, or any other type of domestic animal.

Beyond the pet contest itself, the activity will allow animal lovers to come together to enjoy and discuss their various types of pets.

Registration is free and can be made on the day of the event.

“This activity is diverse and varied, and once again our pets will be the main stars. Anyone who wishes to participate in this initiative can do so by registering for free. We are confident that, like the rest of the pre-fair activities we are organising, it will be a success,” Alcaide said.


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