The team are endeavouring to prevent the amusement park from falling into ruin. L. Cádiz
Tivoli workers organise 24-hour security patrols to prevent vandalism

Tivoli workers organise 24-hour security patrols to prevent vandalism

The staff have been maintaining the attractions and the park's facilities since it closed, although they say they have lost the battle to save the gardens

Lorena Cádiz

Monday, 7 August 2023, 18:02


Workers at Tivoli in Benalmádena have organised a rota so that the amusement park, which will have been inactive for three years in September, is monitored 24 hours a day. The staff are still waiting for the Supreme Court to recognise their redundancy and to collect the salaries owed to them.

Meanwhile, they are clear that they are not going to let the park become run-down and destroyed.

“If we weren't there, the park would have already fallen into decline. Every day during our patrols we discover people who have sneaked into the facility. Just a few days ago, we had to call the police at 4.30am because we found five people inside,” Juan Francisco Carmona explained.

Carmona, who has worked at the amusement park for 30 years said that some people “enter with the idea of carrying out acts of vandalism, others because of the curiosity of seeing the park closed”.

The task of the workers is not limited to surveillance, as they continue to maintain the attractions and the park's facilities, although they have lost the battle to save the green areas.

“From the moment it closed, the town hall cut off the water, so we can't irrigate, and we are losing trees of great ecological value.

“What they are doing to us is inhumane, nobody cares about our situation as workers and many are needing psychological help after three years without a solution,” Juan Manuel Gómez, another employee with 30 years of service behind him, said.

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