Three members of international 'go fast' drug trafficking gang arrested on Costa del Sol

Six others were detained by police as they crossed into France, where they were based

E.P. Torremolinos

Spain’s National Police force, in a joint operation with French police, have broken up an international drug-trafficking gang which they say was based in France and operated in Spain, obtaining supplies from local agents. Nine people have been arrested, three of them in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, where the police also searched three properties, and the remainder in France.

The gang used the 'go fast' method, which involved hiring cars and loading them with the drugs before crossing the mainland at high speed, according to the police in a statement.

The drug traffickers are said to have made frequent trips to Spain, especially the Costa del Sol, where they had made contacts from whom they obtained their supplies. They then drove the hire cars across the country and crossed into France at Irún, where they had infrastructure both sides of the border.

Police monitored their movements

The police located several members of the French network when they organised a meeting with their Spanish suppliers in Irún, and days later they learned that they were on the Costa del Sol, presumably to pick up supplies of drugs.

After holding several meetings in Granada, the traffickers stocked up with a new supply of drugs and returned to France. However, the police were waiting for them as they crossed the border and placed them under arrest. The officers also searched several properties and found 44 kilos of cannabis, 600 grammes of cocaine, 7,140 euros in cash and four vehicles.

In Spain, the police operation culminated in the arrest of three Spanish citizens in Torremolinos. A search of three properties in the town revealed four kilos of hashish, three kilos of marijana and 3,400 euros in cash.