One of the many photos of the bar's receipts that have been uploaded to Instagram.
This is the Costa del Sol tapas bar that gives a discount to its customers for a smile or their patience
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This is the Costa del Sol tapas bar that gives a discount to its customers for a smile or their patience

Social media is full of photos and comments praising the move of the owner, who says he was inspired to offer the discounts by an eatery in Barcelona

Almudena Nogués


Tuesday, 7 November 2023, 12:28


A bar in Torremolinos on Spain's Costa del Sol is touching hearts by offering its customers discounts for their smiles, kindness and patience.

"It's only five cents, but it all adds up," the owner of Tres 14 Tapas & Cafe Eric Guibet said. Beyond the savings in itself - which is also appreciated - the aim of this tapas bar in Torremolinos is to win the sympathy of its diners "and for them to leave with a good taste in their mouths".

Motivated by this philosophy, Guibet introduced a "nice discount" on customers' receipts rewarding his customers' smiles, their patience, kindness or generosity. He takes 1 cent off for each.

The surprise comes for customers at the bar on Avenida de Manuel Fraga Iribarne when they ask for the bill, and usually when it's checked they break into smiles.

Guibet said it has had a very positive impact on his clientele. Social media has also been flooded with photos and comments about the quirky move. "We loved the detail of the bill, look at the photo," wrote Patry Román a few weeks ago in her Google review. And she is not the only one.

What sparked this family-run bar to offer 'nice' discounts?

Guibet said it was a restaurant in Barcelona that inspired him. "They thanked their diners in advance for recommending them, but they didn't give them a discount. I thought that this small discount would be funny and have more impact. That's how I decided to incorporate it. If we have a bad day, which we sometimes do, they're more forgiving," Guibet, who has been running the bar since 2020, pointed out.

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