The luxury villa in Benalmadena where the three captors were arrested. CNP

This is how police freed kidnapped crypto currency manager from luxury Costa del Sol villa

The captors were demanding a one-million-euro ransom for the release of their hostage

Irene Quirante


Friday, 5 May 2023, 08:13

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National Police have arrested three captors who kidnapped a crypto currency manager and held him hostage and demanded one million euros to free him.

A man rushed into the Torremolinos-Benalmádena police headquarters at about 1pm on Wednesday 3 May and told officers that he had received a call from a third party from Hungary, who informed him a mutual friend had been kidnapped.

The kidnappers were asking for one million euros to free the victim, who was of foreign origin, according to police.

To prove they were serious with their demands they sent several disturbing audios and images. In one of them, the kidnapped businessman appeared with a gun pointed directly at his head.

But the quick-thinking victim was able to send a photograph that he took from the window of the location he was being held hostage. Investigators were then able to identify his whereabouts inside a large three-storey villa in Benalmádena.

Around fifty officers from different police units rushed to the scene and surrounded the house. They stormed the property about 6pm and arrested three captors aged 35, 36 and 54 years old for their alleged responsibility in the kidnapping.

Two of them were of Greek origin, while the third was of Albanian nationality. The young kidnapped businessman was rescued, and had sustained minor bruising.

Police searched the home and found two firearms with ammunition, one with a silencer, a room fitted out with plastic sheeting and saws, 5,000 euros and 1,200 dollars. The three detainees are being held in custody at the Provincial Police Station. The case will be heard in the Court number 1 of Torremolinos.

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