The Tamarindos was one of the first apartment blocks to be constructed on the seafront. SUR
Squatters add to problems of troubled seafront apartment block in Benalmádena
Property dispute

Squatters add to problems of troubled seafront apartment block in Benalmádena

The case, which is already in the courts, has angered residents of the Tamarindos apartments, especially after the occupiers of the lower floors of the building lit a fire to warm themselves

Lorena Cádiz


Monday, 11 March 2024, 18:42


A new dispute has broken out between the residents and administrators of the troubled Tamarindos apartment building in Benalmádena, one of the first to be constructed on the promenade of the Costa del Sol town.

Following the closure of the company that maintained the huge premises a few years ago, the building passed into the hands of a local businessman, who began converting some of the apartments into tourist accommodation. Some of the residents denounced the work and the project was halted after two years, leaving the entire lower floor open and accessible. The residents are now up in arms because squatters have recently moved into the building, and they claim nothing is being done to solve the problem.

In total, the Tamarindos building has more than 280 apartments, some of which are used as permanent residences, while others are used as tourist apartments.

Some of the permanent residents have blamed the property manager for other problems, claiming that “despite the high community fees that we pay, without having green areas or swimming pools, the building is now completely abandoned”.

One angry resident, who said “the building is a disgrace”, accused the administrator of “doing what he wants”, while ignoring the resident’s wishes.

The tension reached such a degree that the annual community meeting held last year was disrupted by a group of angry residents, forcing the election of a new president to be decided in the courts.

Squatters have moved into the lower floor of the building.
Squatters have moved into the lower floor of the building. SUR.

The administrator, Pedro Hoz, denies the accusations aimed at him, claiming it is the “usual war between permanent residents and owners of the tourist apartments”.

However, he openly recognises the problem that currently exists with the squatters, although he warned that this could take several years to resolve due to the backlog that currently exists in the courts.

“As administrators we have done everything in our power to maintain the upkeep of the building. We called the police just a few days ago, because the squatters lit a fire to keep warm that almost poisoned the other neighbours,” he said.

Hoz pointed out that the case is already in the courts, adding, “These people initially moved in with the permission of the owner himself, so technically they are not squatters. The owner wanted to annoy the community after they denounced and paralysed his business.”

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