Torremolinos is a popular destination for foreign residents. SUR
Population of Torremolinos surpasses 70,000 for first time in history with a mix of 125 different nationalities

Population of Torremolinos surpasses 70,000 for first time in history with a mix of 125 different nationalities

The Costa del Sol town is heading in the right direction to reach the goal of 75,000 and 'Large Population Municipality' status, which would bring significant benefits with it

José Rodríguez Cámara

Friday, 1 March 2024


According to figures released by Spain national statistics institute (INE), Torremolinos increased its population last year by 1,615 inhabitants to reach 70,434, a figure that is 2.3 per cent more than 2022. The figures show that the population is made up of an almost equal number of men and women, 35,209 and 35,225 respectively. This brings the Costa del Sol town, which gained its independence from Malaga in 1988, almost in line with neighbouring Benalmádena.

The population of Torremolinos has been increasing steadily since records began to be kept in 1842, when there were just 785 residents. The population has remained close to 70,000 for the last decade, and the latest increase is a step in the right direction of reaching the goal of 75,000, which would allow Torremolinos to become a 'Large Population Municipality', which would bring significant financial and other benefits to the town from regional and central governments.

Melting pot of cultures

The multiculturalism and diversity of Torremolinos is reflected in the municipal censor, which currently includes 125 nationalities, a melting pot of cultures that reveals the cosmopolitanism and heterogeneity of the municipality.

By nationality, and after the Spanish, the Moroccan population is the most present (1,757), followed by Italian (1,625), and UK nationals (1,300). The diversity in the population of Torremolinos is reflected in the presence of citizens from countries such as Colombia, Ukraine, Togo, Cape Verde, Namibia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and the Congo, among others.

Regarding the increase in the population, Mayor Margarita del Cid said, “It is a milestone for a small town like Torremolinos to have become a large municipality in the metropolitan area of Malaga over the last 50 years. The population has tripled thanks to tourism.”

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