Fundraiser Alan Boardman at the Cudeca hospice last week. SUR.
'Pesky small coins' campaign raises more than 1,377 euros for Cudeca hospice
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'Pesky small coins' campaign raises more than 1,377 euros for Cudeca hospice

‘Copper up for Cudeca’, organised by Mijas residents Alan and Jenny Boardman, involved the participation of five local establishments that acted as drop-off points for people to donate their loose change

Monday, 13 May 2024, 14:03


Dedicated local fundraiser Alan Boardman has raised more than 1,377 euros for Cudeca with his latest charity campaign. ‘Copper up for Cudeca’ was organised by Boardman and his wife, Jenny, and took place throughout April. The Mijas-based couple, who have raised more 20,000 euros for local charities and worthy causes since the pandemic, secured the help of five local establishments (The Lemon Tree, Clarky’s Bar, Clarky’s Café, Caribbean Mermaid and A Better You Nutrition), where donation tins were located to collect loose change. Boardman said that the idea was for people to get rid of all their "pesky small coins" in order to help Cudeca continue caring for people in the last stages of life.

The funds were delivered to the Cudeca hospice last week by Boardman, who said the campaign had been “a fantastic effort from everyone”.

“We have great pleasure in sending our sincere gratitude for this generous donation. The help we receive from understanding supporters like Alan and Jenny enables our special care to be available to those in need. Please except appreciation and warmest wishes from all your friends at Cudeca,” President Ricardo Urdiales said in a statement released by the charity.

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