A new mayor for Benalmádena as the PP wins an absolute majority
Local elections 2023

A new mayor for Benalmádena as the PP wins an absolute majority

Juan Antonio Lara, with 13 seats (six more than in 2019), will be the new mayor of the town; the PSOE and Víctor Navas move to the opposition with nine seats

Marina Rivas

Marina Rivas


Monday, 29 May 2023, 09:46


All change in Benalmádena. Control of the town hall, for the last two terms in the hands of the Socialists (with the support of other left-wing parties), moves to the conservative Partido Popular. After eight years in office, Víctor Navas will no longer be mayor, as the PSOE falls to nine seats (from 11). The PP has gained an absolute majority with 13 seats (up from seven in 2019) and candidate Juan Antonio Lara will be elected as the new mayor of Benalmádena.

The result confirms the clear domination of the two main parties, conservative PP and Socialist PSOE, in Benalmádena. The third most voted group, hard right Vox will have only two representatives on the council. Left-wing coalition (IU + Podemos) Con Andalucía obtained a single seat for their candidate Pablo Centella.

In the last municipal elections, in 2019, the PSOE came close to an absolute majority with 11 seats. Then, there was a considerable gap between the Socialists and the PP, who gained seven representatives. Navas became mayor thanks to the votes of the two Izquierda Unida councillors.


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