Margarita del Cid installed as new mayor of Torremolinos after vote of no confidence in José Ortiz

Del Cid announced she will manage the areas of Equality and everything related to Pride and LGTBI policies, and promised to stop "bleeding" the people of the town

Ivan Gelibter

Margarita del Cid (PP) is the new mayor of Torremolinos after a majority of town councillors (13 against 12) voted in a motion of no confidence in former mayor José Ortiz (PSOE) - who described it as "an attack on democracy"

Del Cid managed to maintain the support of those who signed the motion of no confidence on 2 December. The nine PP councillors were joined by Antonio Sevilla (Vox) and David Obadía (Ciudadanos). The other two votes were from councillors unattached to political parties: Avelina González (formerly of Por Mi Pueblo); and Nicolás de Miguel (formerly of Ciudadanos).

Margarita del Cid was harsh with the outgoing local government.

"Today the citizens of Torremolinos dismiss the municipal government for being incompetent," said the new mayor, who, after listing Ortiz’s faults managing the local authority, accused him of being a "money collection machine".

Not respected the dead

“The rubbish collection and the IBI rate increases have squeezed the residents. They have not respected even the dead, since they tripled the price of the niches," she added, to the outrage not only of the socialist team, but also the PSOE supporters in the council chamber.

After announcing that she will be the one who will manage the areas of Equality and everything related to Pride and LGTBI policies, Del Cid promised to stop "bleeding" the people of Torremolinos.

At the end of her speech, the new mayor pointed out that her party has a town project in which it wants to include everyone, saying that people are above ideologies. Speaking about the outgoing mayor Del Cid said, "I wish him well. I am not his enemy, he has his enemies here on his own bench."

"Return to the past"

Now ex-mayor Ortiz did not mention Del Cid at all in his speech to the council chamber, and said that the no confidence vote was a "return to the past". He said, “A step backwards in rights and freedoms will be the price to pay. That is the goal of the right and the extreme right, and those who support it will be complicit in this goal. They were not up to the task several years ago and they are not now."