CCTV image from the laundry theft. sur

Laundry suspects caught red-handed in a second attempted break-in

Officers recognised the suspects, who were recorded by a surveillance system last month, after foiling an attempted entry at an ice cream shop in Torremolinos


Friday, 2 December 2022, 10:55


Thieves who broke into a self-service laundry and ransacked a change machine in Torremolinos on 16 November have been arrested after a second attempted entry at an ice cream shop in the town.

In the early hours of Thursday 1 December Local Police officers were called to the shop after several people were seen by a neighbour forcing the entrance to the premises.

The suspects, three men and a woman, ran away once the police officers arrived.

Three of them ran in the direction of the beach, while a fourth made off along Pasaje Peligro.

Other officers in the vicinity joined the police action, intercepting in a few minutes the suspects, aged between 22 and 31 years old.

Officers, who had seen the images captured by the laundry's surveillance camera, identified two of those arrested, aged 22 and 23, for their involvement.

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