One of the artist's hip-hop-theme murals in Torremolinos. / T. Bryant

Torremolinos to host street art event to highlight International Youth Day

Under the banner of A Street Show, the event will take place in Plaza La Nogalera and will focus on breakdance and graffiti

Tony Bryant

In order to mark the celebration of the United Nations International Youth Day (12 August), Torremolinos town hall has organised an event under the banner of A Street Show, which will take place in Plaza La Nogalera on Wednesday 10 August.

The event will begin at 8.30pm and will offer exhibitions and free workshops in street art in the newly renovated square. With the collaboration of the Málaga Breaking Club and the urban artist, Hide 2, the event will be divided into two sections and will include demonstration of break-dancing and graffiti, along with workshops organised by local street artists of both disciplines for anyone who wants to learn.

Hide 2 is a Malaga graffiti artist who has been active since 2001 and his work is influenced by the hip-hop culture.

The Malaga Breaking Club is non-profit socio-cultural association created with the aim of promoting the hip-hop culture and its values among the younger generation. Together with Hide 2, they have organised more than 80 events related to urban culture, and more than 20 collaborations with multinational brands.

“We resume the cultural activity in the Plaza de la Nogalera with a very important theme for young people, who are once again protagonists thanks to this event that promotes values such as teamwork,” councillor for Culture and Youth, Francisco García Macías, said.