The thieves caught on CCTV. / SUR

Hooded thieves target laundry in Torremolinos and make a clean getaway

Police have released video footage to try and identify them after two brazen suspects broke into the premises as a third kept a look out


A police investigation is underway to track down two hooded suspects who were recorded by a security camera breaking into a self-service laundry in Torremolinos.

Police are also searching for a third suspect who kept watch during the early morning theft which targeted a wall-mounted change machine.

The break-in took place despite the alleged thieves being aware that a security camera was in operation. They used hoods to conceal their faces, with one wearing a mask and one donning sunglasses

Footage of the 16 November attack shows the suspects pummel the machine for several minutes before leaving the premises to return at 4.15am with a hammer and another tool.

After attacking the machine again they manage to knock it to the ground, scattering coins which they pocketed before fleeing at 4.21am.