The Father Christmas bikers ride along the Paseo Marítimo. Komando
Father Christmas bikers deliver festive joy to Torremolinos

Father Christmas bikers deliver festive joy to Torremolinos

This year, the motorbike rally collected a record 400 toys which will be distributed to underprivileged families

Marina Rivas

Thursday, 22 December 2022


Motorbike enthusiasts don’t rest, not even at Christmas. In this case however, they took to the asphalt for a special cause. The bikers left their leathers in their wardrobes last Saturday and opted for a different type of attire: ‘Father Christmas’ costumes with which they carried the joy and festive spirit through the streets of Torremolinos, to the sounds of the roars of the engines and the screeching of the wheels.

Around two hundred riders, dressed up for the occasion, did not want to miss this particular rally which, year after year, has become an essential event in the town and the surrounding area, thanks to the initiative of the local biker group Komando. The club is renowned throughout the Costa del Sol and Andalusia for organising the most popular and longest-running motorcycle rally in the area.

As enthusiastic as the children they are helping, they set off from the the town hall, where they were welcomed by the mayoress Margarita del Cid, and rode through the streets of the centre and along the promenade, painting the coastline red and causing great excitement with the wide range of motorbikes on show. And all this for a good cause, because the aim of these particular ‘Santas’ on wheels was to encourage all the local residents and tourists to collect as many toys as possible.

How? By taking gifts to the end of the rally (all the bikers brought their own) and to the charity bar that was set up in the heart of the town, the Plaza Costa del Sol. The party continued with drinks, food and music for bikers, friends, family and also the spectators from the area, who were able to join the cause without having ridden there on two wheels.

And, an added and unexpected bonus, was that in this eighth edition they managed to beat the records for ‘Santas’ and toy donations: around 400 toys in total, explained the Kimando organisation.

All these games, toys and dolls will be transformed into happiness and big smiles when, with the help of the Red Cross, they reach the hands of the neediest families this Christmas. And the fact is that what for us takes barely any effort, for others becomes the greatest of gifts, a symbol of hope in hundreds of homes where a toy is a privilege.

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