DNA confirms that the body walled up in a Torremolinos apartment is Sibora Gagani

DNA confirms that the body walled up in a Torremolinos apartment is Sibora Gagani

Police have informed the family of the young woman missing since 2014 that the body found in the house she shared with suspect Marco G. is hers

Irene Quirante and Juan Cano


Thursday, 22 June 2023, 15:05


The body police found walled up on 6 June in the Torremolinos house where Marco G. lived with Sibora Gagani is that of the young Italian-Albanian woman, DNA tests have now confirmed.

Sibora’s sister confirmed to SUR that the police had informed the family on Wednesday. Sibora had been missing since July 2014, when she was just 22 years old, shortly after she ended her relationship with her alleged killer.

Sibora's body, with the help of X-rays, was found behind a wall of the house located in the neighbourhood of El Calvario, after the suspect spontaneously confessed at the police station a few weeks earlier upon his arrest as the alleged murderer of Paula, his most recent girlfriend, who also lived in Torremolinos and was stabbed to death in May.

Sibora’s remains were found inside a chipboard box, in which there were also several of her possessions, according to investigators. Police made the grisly discovery during the fourth visit to the apartment. An alteration in the tiles on the wall led officers to Sibora.

After demolishing the wall, they found the large chipboard box behind it. When they opened the lid, they saw that it was full of lime and contained a plastic bag with a knife inside and traces of dried blood on it. After carefully removing the lime, officers found several objects buried under it that could have belonged to Sibora. They also found a bouquet of flowers on the torso of the corpse, which was inside a sleeping bag.

The investigation suggests that the victim was stabbed in the back with the knife found inside the same room. Visual inspection of the clothing and forensic examination revealed at least four stab wounds on the back of the torso.

Marco's other alleged murder victim, Paula, 28, died on 17 May after being stabbed in the back after ending her relationship with him.

Sibora's family is devastated. Until Paula's murder, as her sister Kseva told SUR, they had never suspected that Marco was behind her disappearance.

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