One of Medery Tour's big wheels. / sur

Plans unveiled for a big wheel in Benalmádena Marina

A company from Seville wants to install the 40-metre tall tourist attraction which could carry up to 100 passengers at a time, and offer amazing views of the Costa del Sol


Benalmádena Marina could have a new tourist attraction within a few months: a 40-metre high big wheel which can carry up to 100 people. The Medery Tour S.L. company from Seville wants to install one in the dry dock parking area, and the plans are currently on display at the town hall for members of the public to inspect. The wheel would be there for a limited period of time, like the one that used to be in Malaga Port, which was managed by the same company.

The big wheel that Medery Tour wants to place in Benalmádena is known as the Mirador Princess, and it has 14 cabins with room for eight adult occupants. According to the plans, it will be 39.2 metres in diameter and will rotate once every minute.

These slow-moving wheels give people a good chance to view all the places of interest in the surrounding area, and their design means they do not need to be cemented or otherwise fixed into the ground. Once their period of operation is over, they are dismantled leaving the site exactly as it was before.

The company says its preferred location for the Mirador Princess would not affect traffic using the dry dock car park as it would be installed on an 18m x 14m base and would take up space in only one of the lanes.

The plans are now being examined by the Junta de Andalucía and will be passed to the Andalusian Ports Agency. If they receive a favourable response, Benalmádena council will then process the project.