One of the showers on Benalmádena's beaches. SUR
Benalmádena's 56 beach showers adjusted in effort to save water
Drought crisis

Benalmádena's 56 beach showers adjusted in effort to save water

The local council has modified all showers that have a push button mechanism, but the footbaths are not affected

Tony Bryant


Friday, 4 August 2023, 12:43


As part of a plan to help save water during the current drought, Benalmádena town hall has adjusted all of the showers on the beaches along its coastline so that they will turn off automatically when the user takes their hand off the button. The council has modified the 56 showers that have a push button mechanism by removing the spring that allowed water to continue flowing for several seconds after the button was released.

The councillor for Beaches, Presi Aguilera, explained that the “sole objective of the work is to save water”. The councillor explained that the measure has not been implemented for footbaths because of the inconveniences that it would cause for people with mobility problems.

“We decided to start this water saving plan because we were aware that it was working very well in other municipalities on the Costa del Sol. We know that some residents and visitors to our beaches may consider it inconvenient to activate the shower button several times, but it is necessary. I think all members of the public are increasingly aware of the seriousness of the problem of drought,” Aguilera said.

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