Benalmádena mayor Víctor Navas works with track owner Adif. SUR
Council to modify its town plan for Nueva Torrequebrada station

Council to modify its town plan for Nueva Torrequebrada station

Benalmádena's mayor has worked with track owner Adif to come up with three possibilities for the stop that residents have wanted for years



Friday, 18 November 2022, 12:13


Residents in the Nueva Torrequebrada area of Benalmádena have been asking for a railway station on the Malaga to Fuengirola line for years. At the moment they have to make a long detour to Torremuelle or Arroyo de la Miel stations.

Mayor of Benalmádena Víctor Navas and Planning councillor María Isabel Ruiz said on Thursday this week that a station for Nueva Torrequebrada is now closer than ever but explained there is a big bureaucratic hurdle to jump first.

In 2020 a study was carried out on the potential demand and the answer came back that the project was not viable, highlighted Navas.

However, he insisted on another viability study from the track owner, Adif, and, after a recent meeting, three possible locations and configurations for a station with parking have finally been identified

However, the town plan will need modifying to convert a green space into parking, which will involve regional government approval as well.

"It is a long and complex process, but that doesn't mean the plan is not viable: we are going to kick off the process now in the Planning department to get as far ahead as possible," explained María Isabel Ruiz, who added that residents would need to be "patient".


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