National Police officers have arrested eight people after a lengthy investigation. SUR
Benalmádena pensioner loses 60,000 euros to bank card thieves and takes his own life

Benalmádena pensioner loses 60,000 euros to bank card thieves and takes his own life


The victim was left with less than one hundred euros in his account after his life savings were stolen. Police have arrested eight individuals in connection with the crime

Irene Quirante

Wednesday, 22 February 2023


A 73-year-old resident of Benalmádena took his own life just one after he reported the theft of his life savings totalling almost 60,000 euros by thieves.

The victim who withdrew his pension once a month when he visited his bank, accompanied by his grandson, discovered a year ago that his bank card had been stolen. When he went to his branch he was told the devastating news that he had less than a hundred euros left in his savings account.

A few days after reporting the theft to the Torremolinos-Benalmádena National Police headquarters, the victim took his own life.

Brothels and nightclubs

In the previous weeks, the thieves had used the victim's bank card to spend almost 60,000 euros on brothels and nightclubs in Benalmádena and San Pedro Alcántara, and luxury clothing stores. They also made numerous withdrawals at cash machines.

After months of investigation, the National Police have arrested eight people – five men and three women – in Benalmádena for their alleged involvement in the 58,210 euro theft.

Three people have been arrested for allegedly stealing the card from the victim's home. Four others arrested were employees of the establishments where the card charges were made, and are suspected of being in cahoots with the thieves. According to the investigations, these individuals colluded with the fraudsters by allowing the use of the bank card in their businesses and then sharing the proceeds and profiting from the illegal activity. An eighth individual was also arrested for his involvement in the scheme.

Investigating officers said the way in which the bank card was stolen remains a mystery and the possible involvement of the victim's relatives has been completely ruled out.


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