David Romero, councillor for Celebrations, Pilar Ramírez, and members of the religious brotherhood. / sur

Benalmádena to host Iberian ham cutting competition

Six specialist ham cutters from all over Spain will demonstrate the fine art of slicing Iberian ham at the event in Benalmádena on Sunday 21 November


Benalmádena town hall, together with local entrepreneur, David Romero and the Hermandad de Redención, will host the first edition of the Concurso Nacional de Cortadores de Jamón de Benalmádena, a competition that will present master Iberian ham slicers from all over Spain.

The event will be held at the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Redemption in Arroyo de la Miel on Sunday 21 November from midday, where the six specialist cutters will demonstrate the fine art of slicing Iberian ham. The specialists will also produce a range of creative dishes using the celebrated hams from Salamanca, an area considered to produce some of the most popular hams in the world.

The art of cutting cured ham requires knowledge and a particular skill set, and the six contestants will be judged by a panel of experts who will base their results not only on the way the ham is sliced, but also on the quality of the dishes that are created with it.

The event has been organised to raise funds for the religious brotherhood, which maintains the town's revered images of the Holy Christ of Redemption and Holy Mary of Sorrows.

"It is a charity event to support the Brotherhood of Redemption, which has suffered due to the effects of the pandemic. The day will offer visitors the chance to enjoy the art of the highly professional ham cutters and the diversity of the dishes that they create," businessman and co-organiser David Romero said.