The fatal incident happened in Avenida Antonio Machado. SUR
Accused pair in Costa del Sol fatal hit-and-run trial deny they acted out of revenge

Accused pair in Costa del Sol fatal hit-and-run trial deny they acted out of revenge

The two men, who are facing a 26-year prison sentence, could also have to pay the family of the deceased 22-year-old victim the sum of 100,000 euros in compensation

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 6 March 2024, 17:57


They were not seeking revenge, but trying to flee from their attackers. That was the version offered to the court by the two men in a murder trial following a fatal hit-and-run incident in Benalmádena in the early hours of 25 February 2017.

The Public Prosecutor's Office has requested 26 years in prison for both accused as the alleged perpetrators of a crime of manslaughter with intent of a 22-year-old man, and another crime of attempted homicide which left a nineteen year old seriously injured. This Tuesday 5 March the accused testified before a jury, at the Malaga Provincial Court, which is expected to deliver a verdict in two weeks.

Drink with girlfriend

According to the defendants, now 48 and 31 years old, the problems started after the oldest accused invited the deceased's girlfriend to a drink at a place in Plaza Solymar, after which he was attacked by the girl's partner and her friends, who were expelled from the pub by security personnel. But it didn't end there.

The alleged assailants left when they saw police officers arrive at the square, the defendants said. Although the officers offered to accompany the accused to their car, which was parked a short distance away, they declined because they believed they could get there safely. But on that journey, according to the statements of the accused, the young man who started the brawl appeared on a motorcycle with a friend. They were armed with a knife.

One of the accused was stabbed in the shoulder, the court heard. The alleged attackers then fled, after which the accused lost sight of them.The accused drove along Camino Real de La Carihuela to Avenida de Mijas, to the junction with Avenida de Antonio Machado.

The prosecutors maintain that both of the accused agreed to end the lives of their two attackers and waited at the junction knowing that the two young men would pass on their motorbike, with the intention of ramming them.

Revenge claim

Both the Public Prosecutor's Office and the lawyers representing the family of the deceased young man said that the two accused men ran over the victims to take revenge for what happened previously. As stated by the prosecution writ, which SUR has had access to, both waited in their vehicle until the moment they saw the motorbike appear. The driver “then accelerated the car forcefully and, at high speed”.

The 22-year-old died on the spot. The car, according to the autopsy results, crushed him to death as it passed him. His friend, who was then aged 19 years old, was rushed to a hospital intensive care unit in a serious condition after suffering multiple injuries.

The prosecutor is seeking 26 years in prison for each of the accused. The legal representatives of the family want the sentence raised to 34 years and six months.

The defendant who was driving, is additionally charged with a crime against road safety, since he allegedly drove under the influence of alcohol and drugs, for which the Public Prosecutor requests that a fine of 2,790 euros be imposed.

Similarly, the prosecutor has demanded that the alleged perpetrators compensate the parents of the deceased young person to the amount of 100,000 euros. The prosecutor also considers that the injured man who survived the alleged ramming should be compensated to the amount of 39,868 euros.

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