Francisco Salado at the garden centre where most of the trees and shrubs will come from SUR
Work starts to plant 42,000 trees and shrubs around the Axarquía’s Viñuela reservoir

Work starts to plant 42,000 trees and shrubs around the Axarquía’s Viñuela reservoir

A 24-kilometre circular path will also be created and equipped with cycle lanes, while sports and children’s playground facilities are planned too

Wednesday, 18 January 2023


Work is getting under way to plant 42,000 trees and shrubs in the area surrounding La Viñuela reservoir in the Axarquía. The project is the first of an environmental, tourism and leisure plan designed by the provincial authority, the Diputación de Málaga, for the area with an estimated budget of 4.5 million euros.

The president of the provincial authority, Francisco Salado, visited the garden centre located at kilometre 1.5 on the road between Vélez Málaga and Benamocarra, where most of the plants are to come from. Salado explained that, after preparing the land, the planting of the trees and shrubs will “begin in the next few days” and “will take around two months”.

A variety of species will be planted around the reservoir, including Aleppo pine, carob, holm oak, juniper, savin and cypress, as well as shrubs including aromatic plants such as lavender, rosemary and thyme. Another 2,000 taller trees will also be planted, which are especially adapted to river banks and include hackberry, ash and poplars.

As well as the trees and shrubs, the project includes a 24-kilometre circular path equipped with cycle lanes, for which existing paths will be improved. New sections will also be built including wooden walkways where necessary. This part of the project has a budget of two million euros.

Viewpoints with information panels on the flora and fauna of the area will also be installed, as well as new parking areas with capacity for around 300 vehicles and sports areas and children's playgrounds. A 750-metre floating pontoon will also be built to access areas of the reservoir where there are no paths.

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