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Vélez-Málaga’s Semana Santa association starts 75th anniversary celebrations

Vélez-Málaga’s Semana Santa association starts 75th anniversary celebrations

The programme of events will be launched this evening, Thursday 19 May

Eugenio Cabezas

Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 16:10

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After a successful Holy Week in April, following a two year break due to the pandemic, Vélez-Málaga’s Agrupación de Cofradías (association of Holy Week brotherhoods) is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

The association acts as an umbrella organisation for the 19 brotherhoods in the town, each of which takes part in the Easter Week processions. The launch of a year-long programme of events will take place today, Thursday 19 May, at the Teatro del Carmen, with the unveiling of a logo created by the artist Martín España specially for the celebration. There will also be a screening of a video to mark the anniversary.

The hashtags #75CofradiasVelez and #CofradiasVelez are already being used on the poster as well as social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) created for the anniversary. The hashtag #5siglosdefe has also been included to highlight the 500 years of history of Holy Week in #VelezMalaga. "A tangible sign that tradition and new technologies go hand in hand," said the Agrupación de Cofradías de Vélez-Malaga.

The anniversary poster sur

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