Screenshot of the video showing the alleged thief dragging one of the bags from the table with his foot SUR

Thieves caught on camera as they steal from diners on Nerja's terraces

Hospitality business owners have long been reporting thefts of bags and backpacks on Spain's Costa del Sol, and this video shows exactly how the thieves are doing it

Eugenio Cabezas

Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 16:40


The good weather is arriving, terraces are starting to fill up across Malaga province and, with them, theives are once again making their presence felt. In the past few days, business owners in Nerja have reported an increase in the number of thefts from their premises.

As can be seen in one of the videos circulating on social media, accessed by SUR, the alleged thieves act with total discretion. The precise way they steal has been captured by security cameras of one of the businesses in which they robbed, on the beach of Burriana. It is the Ayo beach bar. It happened at midday on Monday.

The suspect, with a rucksack in his hand, approaches the table where his victims are. One of them, a woman, has left her belongings on the floor at the side of the table. Carefully, the alleged offender drags the bag and an item of clothing with his foot to the table just behind, which is empty. He then moves slightly away, however, he immediately sits down on the empty chair, pretending that he is going to stay and dine, but then quickly gets up, already with the two bags in his hands, leaving the item of clothing on a chair, and leaves.

Another camera in the same establishment catches him leaving the back of the business, heading towards the promenade.

Bicycle pursuit

Enmanuel Ortega, co-owner of the bar and son of Francisco Ortega 'Ayo', told SUR the woman noticed the robbery a few minutes later and alerted waiters. They urged her to report the incident to the Guardia Civil and showed their full cooperation in providing her with footage from the security cameras. "You really do have to be very careful and take the precaution of placing your bags out of reach of potential thieves," Ortega said.

Meanwhile, in Jamaica, a cafeteria located in the central Avenida del Mediterráneo, next to the Riu Mónica hotel, the fast action of waiters prevented another alleged thief from taking a customer's handbag. As seen on the premises' security cameras, the alleged thief passed right next to where the belongings were, grabbed them and quickly fled. The employees noticed him and ran after him. One of them took a bicycle belonging to his brother and caught up with him.

The alleged offender then threw the purse to the ground, but before that he had had time to take the cash, around 30 euros, as the co-owner of the business, Miguel Centurión, told SUR. "The woman didn't want to report it, even though the local police came and told us that it was the fifth theft like this they had attended, but if people don't report it, they can't do anything," said the 41-year-old businessman from Nerja.

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