Part of the jewellery and cash haul seized by the National Police. National Police
Six Albanians arrested in Comares for 18 burglaries in Malaga

Six Albanians arrested in Comares for 18 burglaries in Malaga

The National Police seized a pistol, 10,000 euros in cash, tools to carry out the robberies, jewellery, a collection of coins and stamps, clothes, two vehicles, and a quantity of marijuana

Eugenio Cabezas

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 21:12


The National Police have dismantled a criminal Albanian gang, thoguht to be responsible for 18 robberies in homes in Malaga city. The gang is linked to the latest crimes in residential developments in Puertosol, Cerrado de Calderon, La Mosca, Miraflores de El Palo and El Candado.

On Tuesday 28 November, officers arrested six members of the gang for their alleged responsibility in the crimes. The arrests took place in a property in an isolated area of the village of Comares, in an extensive police operation, according to a statement from the force.

In the raid on the suspects' home, the investigators seized a gun, which turned out to be a fake; 10,000 euros in cash; tools to carry out the robberies; a reagent kit to check for gold purity; jewellery; a collection of coins and stamps; clothes involved in the criminal acts; two vehicles; documentation; and a bag of marijuana.

The operation, called 'Senda', was carried out by officers of the robbery unit at the provincial police station of Malaga. This was initiated after a series of reports, all of them with the same common denominator: robberies in villas bordering undeveloped land and wastelands, in areas with easy access to the motorway, in which the perpetrators used a particular modus operandi, which combined climbing and the levering open of doors and windows.

The robberies were planned in detail, and were carried out when the owners were absent. In the case of the robberies in Puertosol, in Puerto de la Torre, the break-ins had been going on for a long time and the neighbours had organised night patrols with thermal vision cameras. The residents' association also sent a letter to the government, the National Police and Malaga city council to request "a police presence plan".

The extensive police operation, was made up of around 30 members of the Air Force, GOES, Canine Guides and the National Police Robbery Group. Those arrested are in police custody at the provincial police station, while investigators continue with their proceedings.

Some of the recovered jewellery has been recognised by the owners. The investigators said that those arrested may be involved in other robberies.

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