Councillor Borja Ortiz and mayor Francisco Salado with the new bins SUR
New rubbish bins for Rincón de la Victoria

New rubbish bins for Rincón de la Victoria

The town hall has introduced the brown container for organic waste and the grey one will be for other non-recyclable residuals



Friday, 11 November 2022, 17:34


The environment and sustainability department of Rincón de la Victoria town has announced the complete renovation of the town’s rubbish containers. Over the next two months the existing containers will be renewed, doubling the number of units.

A new brown bin for organic waste will be introduced and the grey container will be for other non-recyclable rubbish. According to the mayor, Francisco Salado, a total of 1,425 units will be installed throughout the town, with a collection capacity of 360, 1,200, 1,800 and 2,900 litres.

In May this year the mayor signed a contract for the collection and transport of solid urban waste (SUW), dumps, street and beach cleaning in the town, with the private company FCC, to the tune 80 million euros until 2032.

The new contract involves the total renovation of the machinery, a significant part of which will be electric vehicles as a commitment to the fight against climate change and respect for the environment, and a significant increase in the frequency of most services, including street sweeping and scrubbing, mixed sweeping and hydro-cleaning.

"Services are being provided in areas of the town that were not previously attended to and work is being reinforced during the high seasons," added the councillor for environmental sustainability, Borja Ortiz. Furthermore, 12,000 euros per year has been set aside in the town hall’s budget for environmental awareness campaigns with the aim of maximising recycling and improving the image of the town.

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