The artists at the Iznate meeting on Saturday. SUR
Malaga artists unite to remember famous American painter

Malaga artists unite to remember famous American painter

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An exhibition and auction will be held in Macharaviaya this June to celebrate the life and work of Robert Harvey, who lived in the Axarquía village

Eugenio Cabezas

Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 12:29

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Rafael Alvarado, Sebastián Navas, Lorenzo Saval, Fernando Robles, Fernando de la Rosa, Ahmad Goreishi, Eduardo Muñoz, Pedro Escalona, Sabina Huber and Paco Aguilar are just a few of the more than thirty artists who met up last Saturday, 18 March, at the La Loma restaurant in Iznate to remember Robert Harvey, the American painter who spent more than half his life in the Axarquía. Born in 1924, he lived for many years in Macharaviaya and died in 2004.

Harvey’s legacy is still "very much alive" among the Malaga artists who knew him and many who never met him know his name. For the last 15 years, a meeting has been held in the village where he lived every June, at which works by Malaga painters are auctioned. In preparation for this event, this Saturday the artists who will participate in the 16th event of its kind met to discuss plans and prepare their work for this year’s meeting.

The theme will be emotions under the title 'Counterpoint'. The artists now have until 3 June to prepare their pieces. On that day an exhibition will be held in the Museo de los Gálvez in Macharaviaya and a secret auction will be held for one of the pieces on display.

This year the pieces will also be exhibited later at the Bezmiliana secondary school in Rincón de la Victoria. "We would like to prepare something big for the meeting next year 2024, which will coincide with the centenary of Robert Harvey's birth," said José Carlos Montañés, a member of the association of friends of the American artist, based in Macharaviaya. "Such was his generosity that there are so many residents of La Axarquía who have works by him," he added.

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