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Rincón de la Victoria launches campaign for responsible use of water

The Sin Agua La Vida Se Complica (without water life is complicated) campaign offers a series of tips for saving water that are divided into different rooms and everyday situations


Rincón de la Victoria town hall and local water company Hidralia have teamed up to launch a campaign to promote responsible water consumption in the town. The Sin Agua La Vida Se Complica message was launched to coincide with World Environment Day which was last Sunday, 5 June. It aims to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

Through innovation and digital transformation Hidralia says that it is introducing a more sustainable approach to its “management philosophy”, in all the projects they undertake as well as mitigate and promote the resilience of towns to the effects of climate change.

"To achieve these goals we rely on innovation and digital transformation, as well as partnerships, to contribute to better protect the planet and improve the quality of life of the residents of Rincón de la Victoria", the company explained in a statement.

Everyday activities

The messages of this campaign focus on showing everyday tasks that would be impossible to carry out without water, for example cooking pasta, using the washing machine, taking a shower or using a swimming pool. All the images are a accompanied by the campaign slogan 'without water, life gets complicated' to reinforce the idea.

As well as the messages there are a series of tips for saving water that are divided into different rooms and everyday situations. In the kitchen, recommendations include turning off the tap while soaping the dishes, running the dishwasher when it is fully loaded or rinsing fruit in a container. In the bathroom, do not have the tap running while brushing teeth, collect water in a container while heating water for a shower or install water-saving systems.

In the garden check for possible leaks, avoid using the hose to clean and opt for sweeping or avoid watering during the hottest part of the day to reduce evaporation. Cover the swimming pool to prevent evaporation and maintain it properly so that it does not leak and install automatic push buttons if there are outdoor showers.

The campaign will be disseminated through posters, advertisements and an informative video, mainly through social networks and the media.

The launch of the campaign on Monday / SUr