Vélez-Málaga's tenth century fortress / j. rhodes

Restoration of Vélez-Málaga fortress complete

The work has been carried out over a year and a half, with an investment of 254,706 euros, financed through European ERDF funds

Eugenio Cabezas

Conservation and restoration work to Vélez-Málaga’s Fortaleza (fortress), the remains of the old Nasrid castle, dating from the tenth century, has finished after 18 months of work.

The project began in late 2020 in order to enhance the value of the town’s heritage and prevent further deterioration. The project has had an investment of 254,706 euros, financed through the European ERDF funds.

While this work was being carried out, in February 2021, important archaeological discoveries were made consisting of the remains of two towers and part of a wall belonging to different historical eras of Spain’s Islamic period, which are now on view and can be seen by visitors.

The mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, who visited the site on Monday, said that the project is “an important cultural, tourist and economic boost for the town".

There are also other projects to improve La Fortaleza pending authorisation from the Junta de Andalucía, including archaeological studies and the drafting of a special plan for the old city walls.