The dog that was rescued by National Police officers. CNP

Police arrest owner and save dog that was found starving to death in the Axarquía


National Police officers from Vélez-Málaga also discovered another animal at the property that was already dead and found tied to a tree

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Monday, 13 March 2023, 17:33


National Police officers have rescued an Andalusian hunting hound that was found at death’s door on a farm in the Axarquía region of Malaga province. The dog was found malnourished, in a dark toolshed, and tied up with short wires to a peg anchored to the wall, which prevented the animal from lying down properly.

At the same property officers also located another dog that was already dead due to lack of food and care, which was tied to a tree, the force said in a statement.

Police arrested the owner of the dogs for his alleged responsibility in two crimes of animal abuse, one resulting in death.

The investigation, carried out by officers from Vélez-Málaga, began after a tip-off that alerted them to several animals dying of starvation on the farm in the Axarquía.

After locating the property, police located the dead body of a dog chained to a tree by a chain in a wasted state, and without food or water containers nearby.

Inside a tool shed, officers found a second dog, this time alive, but in a deplorable situation. The animal, an Andalusian hunting hound, was extremely thin and was tied to a peg anchored to the wall with wires. The length of the chain was so short that the animal could not fully lie down.

On the plot, police also found dead rabbits inside several cages, without water, and some chickens, also dead.

Officers urgently transferred the rescued dog to a veterinary centre in the area, where it was diagnosed with "extreme thinness, no palpable faeces or urine due to abdominal palpitation” and several other ailments.

Eventually, investigators identified and located the owner of the animals, who was arrested for his alleged involvement in two crimes of animal abuse and neglect, by not complying with the basic obligations of food, accommodation and care.

The rescued dog was taken in by an animal shelter elsewhere in Malaga province.


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