A fountain at the source of the Guaro river. / sur

Two thousand people in Periana have been unable to use their tap water for a week

The local council advised against consuming the water because the low level of the well at the source of the Guaro river was making it cloudy, but it is trying to find ways around the problem

Eugenio Cabezas

Around 2,000 of the 3,000 residents of Periana have been unable to consume the tap water in their homes. The problem was detected last Friday when the low level of the well at the source of the Guaro river, which supplies homes in the centre of the village, made the water turn very cloudy and the town hall advised people not to drink it.

A week later, two more tests have been carried out but with no positive results. The mayor of Periana, Rafael Torrubia, said on Thursday that work is under way to relocate the pumps of one of the two wells to try to improve the quality of the water, and to connect the second one – which until August had been used for irrigation – to the domestic supply. Local landowners have been banned from using it for watering because of the drought.

At the same time, the council is installing a pipe from the source of the Batán to the centre of Periana. That supply, which has reduced very little, goes to the outlying districts of Mondrón, Los Marines, Vilo and Los Parrales.

There are several fountains in the village, fed by other springs which are nearby but are small, so people have been able to fill their water bottles there without having to buy mineral water. However, more bottled water has been sold in Periana this week, the mayor said.