Blanca with her parents Paqui and Daniel and mayor of Frigiliana, Alejandro Herrera sur
Parents of girl with Rett syndrome renew pleas for move to Frigiliana school

Parents of girl with Rett syndrome renew pleas for move to Frigiliana school

Paqui García and Daniel Sánchez say their daughter cannot travel to Torrox-Costa every day and want her to be educated in the local school

Eugenio Cabezas

Thursday, 10 March 2022, 12:42


The parents of Blanca Sánchez, the little girl from Frigiliana with Rett syndrome, a rare genetic disease which affects the way the brain develops and causes a progressive loss of motor skills and speech, have renewed their plea for their daughter to be educated in the village school.

Despite their story making headlines in September last year when the family were told that Blanca would have to travel 30 kilometres to get to Los Llanos primary school in Torrox-Costa, they have been unable to get her transferred.

Although García and Sánchez say they are "very happy" with the school and teachers in Torrox, they argue that Blanca cannot spend more than an hour in the car or on the bus every day due to her condition, which means she falls asleep on the journey and has to be woken up.

On Wednesday of this week the couple, accompanied by mayor of Frigiliana, Alejandro Herrero requested that Blanca be enrolled at Frigiliana’s Enrique Ginés primary school for the next academic and asked for the re-creation of a special classroom, which the school used to have but was removed several years ago when there were no longer any pupils who needed it. "When we started last year, the Education Department told us that it was an unforeseen situation and that there was no time to create it.” Blanca's mother explained to SUR.

García went on to say that she had been told by the Junta de Andalucía’s education department that the room "could be set up in June for the next academic year. We are asking them not to forget what they promised us."

The headteacher of the Frigiliana school has told Blanca’s parents that this year he has requested the special classroom but that this does not mean that it will be granted.

Herrero has continued to give the family "all the support they to enrol their little girl" and has assured them that the town hall "will provide all the means they need so that Blanca can be enrolled in our school". This newspaper has tried, so far without success, to get a statement from the Junta de Andalucía’s education department on the situation.


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