An announcement about the new health centre in Rincón de la Victoria was made on Monday. J. R. C.
New Costa del Sol health centre set to open in 2027

New Costa del Sol health centre set to open in 2027

The new facility in Rincón de la Victoria will be three times bigger than the existing one and will mean that residents won't have to travel to Malaga city for routine appointments including X-rays

José Rodríguez Cámara

Rincón de la Victoria

Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 13:10


The new health centre planned for Rincón de la Victoria on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol will be three times bigger than the town’s existing facility. The new premises are planned to be built on land in the Huerta de San Julián area near to the town hall and are scheduled to open in 2027. This was announced by Mayor of Rincón de la Victoria Francisco Salado and the Andalusian government’s representative in Malaga Patricia Navarro on Monday 15 April.

They explained that the project had a budget of 12.1 million euros and that the new health centre will have three floors and a basement with 65 consulting rooms. It will have 44 standard rooms, two multi-purpose, one for suspected infectious diseases, ten for paediatrics, nursing and vaccinations, one for dentistry, one for minor surgery, one for rehabilitation, four standard for continuous care and one for mental health.

Its services will also include health education and basic radiology, as well as space for staff and waiting areas. "People will no longer have to travel to Malaga for something as simple as an X-ray,” Salado pointed out. Navarro highlighted that with the bigger centre there will also be an increase in staff.

Exponential growth

Both the mayor and Navarro recognised that the new centre would be “a step forward that will allow the health centre to be in line with the population it serves, which is experiencing exponential growth and is already approaching 55,000 inhabitants”.

The town hall awarded the contract for the project to San Cecilio Studio S.L.P. and Fresneda & Zamora Arquitectura S.R.L., for an amount of 254,100 euros. The execution period of the contract was six and a half months from the signing of the document. Prior to this, in 2021, the town hall and the Andalusian Health Service signed a general protocol in which, among other agreements, the town hall ceded the plot of land for the construction of the new centre.

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